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through digital experiences we help business run more efficiently

Global businesses are in need to transform their service delivery, adapt their systems and/or build tailored applications to overcome stringent budgets and aggressive timelines. Driving a digital vision has become a critical component of business, with organizations of all shapes and sizes tapping into strategic opportunities to integrate operational processes, transform business models and optimize the user experience.
Adopting path-breaking strategies is the way for enterprises to stay ahead of competition. Promote continuous innovation helps us keep up with new technology trends and developments to drive the strategy and direction entrusted by our customers.
At Sud·Software we deliver to our clients the solutions and strategies powering the world’s most forward-thinking digital initiatives.

Our digital experiences approach contemplates:

Diligent discovery results in greater understanding of your business and users’ needs, which leads to better products. Insight generation and the rigorous definition of the problem at hand, is what makes simple and effective solutions possible.
We begin the discovery process by assembling a small team of cross-disciplined experts, which varies based on the project. Then, we begin the process of asking questions and establishing the clear lines of communication that will support the project through each stage of the life cycle.
Consultants must be present from the first day and remain involved at every stage of the project life cycle. They are the person that should understand every challenge, every stakeholder and every client desire. They should keep the team focused on the objective and consider every decision through a high-level ‘strategic’ lens.
Our product strategy is based on a complete understanding of the situation. We start with research to uncover client needs, user wants, market trends, and the competitive landscape. Then we get into the nuts and bolts of business planning, including cost and profitability projections.
The pursuit of superlative user experience begins by getting into the mind of the user and it is achieved through an iterative process conducted by professionals. Product mapping and user flows are the start of an iterative and inclusive design process that validates conceptual ideas along the way and informs our client throughout the process to make sure that our efforts are focused and driving towards an achievable solution. We move through these steps using a flexible, iterative approach that quickly considers multiple scenarios to make sure that we get to the winning idea quickly and efficiently.
Our architects have deep industry experience and broad knowledge of available technologies to develop solutions that meet our clients’ performance needs. As technology architects that have worked with just about everything out there, they are able to quickly understand and work within existing client frameworks or invent new ones.
As consumers and their devices become more and more connected, managing those connections is growing harder and harder. That's why we help our clients set a strategy for API management that will help them connect with more people, business partners and applications, while developing new revenue streams.
Our developers are just not supervisors, they are in the code, line by line, where their experience is most valuable, predicting challenges and building bullet-proof products of enduring value.
We’re people who love to build software and we understand the value of quality engineering. We believe that engineers should be directly involved and that our clients should have direct access to them. We’ve found it is best when our developers work as an extension of the client team, working together, sharing knowledge and proactively solving problems.
Quality Assurance is part of designing and building a great product. We prefer to engage our QA engineers early in the process, not just once the product has been built. By documenting expected outcomes early on, our QA teams can help make sure that what happens in the development phase will result in happy client when it comes time to deliver and launch a new software product.
As a service unto itself, we can build and run automated QA programs for our clients or help to advise their internal QA and DevOps teams on the best and latest testing methodologies.

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